A Morning Routine with Argan Oil

Success winner woman

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Success winner woman

After a invigorating morning run and shower, I moisturize my face, neck and body with some pure organic argan oil.  The sweet and nutty scent is not too overpowering, but it lifts my senses as I apply it.

Kind of hard to believe…but this oil actually helps my oily skin become less oily,  balancing the sebum and making my skin softer and smoother.  I think the best way to apply Voila Natural’s argan oil is to gently massage it into the skin, rather than just applying it.

A gentle facial massage can work wonders, increasing circulation and helping the skin to absorb the Vitamins A and E, antioxidants, sterols and essential fatty acids.

A few times, I have gone without using this oil, and I remember how dry, parched and naked my skin felt.  I was afraid I would start looking scaly and that I might wrinkle up and turn into a pruney-looking monster.

And, I noticed that my pores also looked worse, my whole t-zone got more oily throughout the day and my entire complexion was more ruddy.  I suppose sometimes you learn what not to do (not to moisturizing is not the way to go, even with oily skin), and when you don’t have something you need how much you really need it.

Then, before I dry my hair, I’ll apply a few drops and comb it through with a wide tooth comb.  This really helps distribute the argan oil from the roots to the ends, and I love the feeling that my hair is being nourished.

Whether I decide to blow dry my hair or let it air dry naturally, I am relieved that my hair feels under control.  I am glad I don’t have to worry about frizzies and fly aways that used to go haywire.

Even if there are a few ‘strays’ at the top of my head, where I part my hair, they usually calm down and get smoother when I apply another drop or two, when my hair is completely dry.

And, I think the best way to apply the argan oil evenly is to drop or spray a few drops into the palms of your hands, lightly rub them together and then smooth the oil over the hair, beginning at the roots and working the product through, down to the ends).

I have found that a lot of styling creams and hair oils can be too heavy and really weigh hair down, which can result in a greasy or over-styled look.  What I really like about using this argan oil as a leave-in conditioning treatment is that it seems to help my hair ‘behave’ better, making it smoother and more manageable and adding subtle natural shine.  I also find that it helps detangle.

I often wear make-up and will be sharing some tips on how I use this argan oil for make-up wearers and also for those who prefer to go au natural.  There are many ways to boost your look using this healthy, natural oil.

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It’s important to remember that not all oils are the same.  Some argan oils have been processed with harsh heat and deodorization that can alter the oil’s effectiveness.  If achieving the maximum results with a pure, organic oil is important to you, this is definitely something to consider.

Voila Natural’s 100% organic argan oil is known for its purity, authenticity and quality.  As a USDA Certified Organic Ecocert argan oil, sourced directly from a Berber women’s cooperative that supports the lives of Moroccan women, this argan oil is produced with the highest quality ethical standards.

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