6 Tips & Tidbits For Voila Natural Organic Argan Oil

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1) Love smelling good?  Try adding some of your favorite essential oils to your argan oil for a scent-ual and pampering experience!

And, massage it into your skin, scalp and hair for a relaxing experience, increasing your circulation and aiding your health.

2)  The sweet and nutty (sometimes described as a “green,” “raw” and “earthy” scent) is proof of this argan oil’s authenticityNot all argan oils have this natural scent.

Some argan oils have been overly processed and have undergone harsh heat and/or deodorization processes that can strip the oil of its true color and natural scent, in addition to altering its authentic properties.

3)  Voila Natural’s argan oil has been sourced and processed according to the highest quality Ecocert standards and is authentically made by official artisans of the Berber women’s cooperative.

Some argan oils that may have been altered or diluted have a greasy or watery consistency.  Voila Natural’s pure organic argan oil is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and hair and provides maximum nourishment.

4)  Pure organic argan oil can give a boost to your everyday products, by making them extra nourishing and moisturizing.

Try adding a few drops of Voila Natural’s argan oil to your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, foundation, liquid blush or bronzer, or other products you use on a daily basis…

5)  Remember this nourishing oil is only meant to be used topically, so don’t ingest it, though there are certainly culinary grade argan oils out there you can use to cook with your favorite dish!

6)  Each of our argan oil bottles comes with two applicators: 1) a sprayer and 2) a dropper.

The sprayer is an great way to dispense your argan oil when you are trying to cover larger areas, such as your face or body.  You may find that the dropper is more handy for applying your argan oil around the eye area or on your lips or hair.

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