5 Ways to Use Argan Oil for More Beautiful Hair

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Voila Natural™ Beauty’s Suggestions for 5 Ways to Use Argan Oil for Naturally Beautiful Hair


1) Apply as a hot oil treatment, and massage pure organic argan oil into scalp (making sure to coat hair with argan oil from roots all the way to the ends) to moisturize hair, strengthen the hair cuticle, repair damaged hair, reduce dandruff, calm and itchy scalp, and stimulate healthy hair growth.

2) Add a few drops of pure organic argan oil to your shampoo and/or conditioner for extra nourishment to give your hair a moisturizing boost.

3)  Apply pure organic argan oil with or without a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to damp, towel-dried hair as a leave-in conditioner for a smell-good hair treatment that nourishes your locks naturally. And, comb through your hair gently with a wide-tooth comb to help distribute the argan oil.

4)  Sometimes all your hair needs is a little extra moisture to look and feel healthier and more beautiful…

Try adding a few drops of pure organic argan oil to distilled water, green tea, chamomile tea, or another healthy liquid in a spray bottle. Voila! Shake, and spray onto all hair textures for a moisturizing boost.  (And, spray on your face and body for a moisturizing mist that conditions and tones your skin and makes you look and feel beautifully dewy).

5)  Rub a few drops of pure organic argan oil into the palm of your hand and rub together in your hands; then lightly brush over clean, dry hair to help tame those frizzies, flyaways, and “baby hairs,” smooth, soften, and add a natural shine.



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