8 Ways to Make Your Face Look More Flawless With Argan Oil

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Voila Natural™  Beauty’s 8 Suggestions for a More Flawless Look With Argan Oil

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Give your daily make-up routine a healthy, natural boost. Try adding pure organic argan oil to your daily beauty routine.

1)  Add a few drops into your favorite toner or add to green tea, chamomile tea, witch hazel, or distilled water with your favorite essential oil(s)

2)  Massage into face and décolleté using upward strokes with gentle pressure to help keep skin smooth, soft, and firm and

3)  Add a drop or two of pure organic argan oil and a drop or two of tea tree oil to your concealer to use as a spot-treatment to reduce redness, even out skintone, and fight pimples as you wear it.

4)  Add a few drops  into your favorite foundation for a healthy tinted moisturizer, bronzer, or blush for a radiant, natural glow.

5)  Dry, chapped lips?  Eliminate flakiness as you soothe and hydrate your smackers.  Smooth, soften, and add shine to your lips for an au natural look or prep your lips with argan oil before applying your favorite color gloss, lipstain, or lipstick for a smooth, even, polished look.  Did you know extra shine helps your lips look fuller?

6)  No need for water or chemical-based products…Use a drop of argan oil as a liquifier to your favorite powder eyeshadows that gives your liner looks a smoother, more even appearance (and can also help hydrate your brush’s bristles).

7)   Use a drop or two with your favorite powder eyeshadows for smooth application and achieve a sheerer, more dewy look that’s great for layering.

8)  Use as a gentle, emollient eye and lip make-up remover, but be careful not to get directly into eyes.Beautiful woman sleeping

Please Note: Pure organic argan oil can be healthy for most brushes’ bristles.  Make sure to wipe them off well with a towel or paper towel and wash and dry, as you normally would.

If you don’t want to use argan oil on your brushes, try just applying your make-up + argan oil, using your fingertips as your tools.


Et voila!  Purer and healthier, natural beauty.


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