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Some Reflections on The ‘Fix-My-Flaw’ Frenzy + Natural & Organic Products from Our Natural Roots by Susan Bailey

Yes, everyone has flaws. Some of them we don’t mind.  Some of them we hate. And, many of them we try to hide.  I think it’s important to try to not see your flaws in a such a negative light.  yes, it’s hard to embrace them, but I think it can become more hurtful than helpful to spend all of your focus, time, and energy on wanting to get rid of them.  I think, instead, we need to try to shift our focus away from trying to be ‘perfect’ or a particular type of beautiful and place more importance on feeling healthier and more whole as a person.

This is the exact opposite approach of much of much of the beauty industry, and it’s so easy to buy into the illusion that ‘product x’ will get rid of all of ‘flaw x’ in ‘x amount of time’ and therefore eliminate all of your issues and struggles in life and make you a happier person.  Well, I think it’s important to adopt a more practical and greater perspective with what is being promoted and sold to you and what you are actually trying to achieve and care about long-term.

It can be hard to sift through to find the right products in such a crowded market, but it’s important to look beyond all of the branding and packaging at the actual content of each product before making a decision to buy.

And, all too often, people will just make their purchase, based on word-of-mouth to make.  And yes, Uncle Joe’s positive experience with ‘product x’ (because it had real results) can be more believable and persuasive for some buyers to try ‘product x’ than ‘person x,’ who ‘company x’  paid to endorse products, but going by just word-of-mouth alone is not always going to be beneficial in the long run.

Just by doing a small amount of basic research on each product, by comparing ingredients and other important aspects, can pay off for you in the long run.

Often,  more natural and organic products are thought of as not being quite as effective as some of the products with chemicals in them.  And, to some degree it’s true that you can see more instantaneous results with some formulas that are more chemically based and some chemicals are very effective for certain things, with well-researched and well-tested properties.

summer girl

But, not only are natural and organic products more supportive of our health and natural beauty; they usually contain plant-derived ingredients and compounds that are more directly connected with nature and our natural roots and have been used for centuries by many for their effective healing and beautifying properties.

I believe that the natural world that God created is overflowing with natural resources and healthy ingredients we need that are beneficial for us.  And, reconnecting with our natural roots is an important thing for all of us, especially in a time when we are so caught up by the mad rush of technology.  It’s really hard to get away from your phone, or your favorite device, and find extra time to reconnect with nature, but I think it’s a healthy thing for everyone.


Yours Purely,

Susan Bailey, Co-founder of Voila Natural™

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