Why All Skin and Hair Types Need Moisture Balance

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Moisture…We All Need It. 

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Just as our bodies need enough water to stay hydrated in order for us to function at our best, all skin types and hair types need an adequate amount of moisture to stay healthy and beautiful.

And, as important as it is to drink enough water and have proper nutrition on a consistent basis, we also have to keep our skin, hair, and nails moisturized and conditioned regularly, by using pure products that provide natural benefits without extra additives and chemicals that can be harmful to our health.

Some Signs That Your Skin, Hair, and Nails Need Moisture

Portrait of attractive man looking at mirror

It’s obvious when your skin is need of hydration…It may feel rough and even scaly.  The dead skin cells hanging out on the surface may build up and cause clogged pores that can create an uneven skin tone and even lead to bad breakouts.

Plus, dry skin tends to wrinkle more easily, so if you’re not giving your skin the right amount of moisture, you may experience pre-mature aging.

Despite the common assumption that oils and moisturizers can make oily skin more oily and can cause clogged pores and breakouts, some natural plant-based oils and moisturizers actually do the opposite and help control oil, by balancing sebum, unclogging pores, and giving skin moisturizing nourishment.  Read some tips on how to select healthier beauty products here.

When your hair needs hydration, it can also be very obvious.  Dry hair has a coarse and brittle texture, and is extra fragile and easily damaged, which can lead to breakage.  Frizzies, fly-aways, and split ends can easily become out of control, without the right amount of moisture for your hair.

A dry scalp can be itchy and flaky, like with those who have dandruff, which can be a bothersome and even embarrassing condition.

Don’t shy away from shaking hands.  Holding someone else’s dry, scaly hand can be just as much of an uncomfortable experience as having them hold yours.  Ezcema, a common skin condition, is a chronic inflammation of the skin and can make your hands feel rough, irritated, and scaly and (in worst-case scenarios) can lead to scarring.

The good news is that by using pure organic argan oil on a regular basis and applying some special techniques to maximize your argan oil’s benefits, you can help restore your skins’, hairs’, and nails’ health and beauty, naturally.

Be on the look out for helpful  tips and tidbits on pure, healthy beauty.

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