Opt for Organic & Leave Out the Chemicals: Why Healthy Beauty is Worth Switching to & Sticking to Long-Term


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So, you may have found your favorite skincare or haircare products that you stock up on buying 3 or 4 of because you know they work well for your skin or hair.

You may have become pretty loyal to using these products because you have had a positive experience with them and positive results.

This is great, but a possible disadvantage of this is that it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of using the same products over and over again that may not actually be the healthiest products for your skin and hair, and you may be reluctant to try any other products or change up or modify your routine.

So, why the hype about organic beauty products with purer natural ingredients and leaving out the parabens, sulfate, and other harmful chemicals?


We may not be aware or like to acknowledge it, but some of the everyday products we reach for in our households can be toxic and harmful to our health.

Did you know that our bodies usually absorb 60% of what we apply topically, and the average woman applies about 515 chemicals every day? From allergic reactions to disrupted healthy functioning of our brains, immune systems, endocrine systems, and overall health, to diseases we have always wanted to avoid, there is a lengthy list of reasons why we should opt more for organic and leave the unhealthy stuff out.

Who knew how toxic those list of ingredients were with creepy and conniving chemicals that can lurk in the shadows, often in disguised and mislabeled? Don’t be afraid, but be aware.

And, be pro-active about reading labels, understanding what’s in your household products (cleaning products, too), and making healthier choices.

As seasons change and beauty fads enter in and out of the spotlight, there are always essential, staple beauty product must-haves that contain pure, organic and natural, healthy ingredients that light the way with healthy beauty benefits.

And, healthy beauty is worth sticking with long-term.


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